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Thursday a.m. Rangers things

The stories this morning are still largely about the ownership issue...

T.R. Sullivan writes that the best-case scenario is that the new ownership group is in place by Opening Day, but that nothing is going to happen in time to change what the Rangers are able to do this offseason.  Sullivan also writes that the Rangers expect to have Mike Lowell in for a physical this week, and that their interest in a front-line catcher has waned, with the team being more inclined to bring in a someone to compete for a job, rather than a John Buck type established major leaguer.

Richard Durrett offers highlights from Chuck Greenberg's comments to the media yesterday.  He's saying all the right things, including that there will be more money in the budget for payroll that there is right now, and that he's going to let the baseball people run the baseball side of things.

Sullivan has a story up with quotes from Nolan Ryan about the change in ownership, with Ryan saying that he does not expect significant changes.

Jeff Wilson writes that, at one time, Chuck Greenberg had David McDavid, not Nolan Ryan, has his primary local partner.

Randy Galloway has a column up on Ryan has team president, talking about the Matt Purke situation and Ryan's efforts to install his own people in the baseball side, saying that some in Ryan's camp think he's been too slow in removing the "other element" from the baseball side of things.

Esteban German and Clay Rapada have each cleared waivers and been outrighted, reducing the 40 man roster to 38.  In addition Geoff Geary and Ray Olmedo have signed minor league deals.