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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

Very impressive win last night for the Cowboys, who definitely showed up ready to play and quieted the doubters (which included me).

As we discussed last night, Mike Lowell's thumb needs surgery, and the Rangers won't be dealing for him now, which means they are back in the market for a free agent hitter to fill or share the DH role.  Jeff Wilson says the Rangers have shown interest in Jermaine Dye, Vlad Guerrero and Jim Thome, among others. 

T.R. Sullivan, though, says that Guerrero wants a two year deal, which the Rangers don't want to do, and Dye doesn't want to be a DH.  Troy Glaus, Ryan Garko, Jonny Gomes, and Fernando Tatis are the names I'd like to see the Rangers in on at this point.

Richard Durrett talks to Clint Hurdle about the three areas he wants to focus on with Rangers hitters this year.