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A Christmas Present for Ranger Fans

The Angels sign Fernando Rodney...and are done for the offseason?

The Angels have agreed to a deal with Fernando Rodney, the right-handed reliever formerly with the Detroit Tigers, according to ESPN’s Enrique Rojas. The deal is reportedly for two years, $11 million.

If this is accurate, the Angels’ payroll is now at roughly $113 million, same as last year. The Angels’ front office has previously said payroll would probably not increase this offseason, so — until we hear otherwise — that’s your 2010 Angels.

It is important to note that Rodney isn't very good.  And if the Angels, as indicated above, are done, they've essentially swapped out Vlad Guerrero, Chone Figgins, John Lackey and Darren Oliver for Hideki Matsui and Fernando Rodney.

I can live with that.  There has been some thought that the Angels weren't going to stand still, they would make moves to increase the distance between them and the Rangers and make it that much harder for the Rangers to make a push in 2010.

But if this is "your 2010 Angels," then that's cause for some optimism.