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Saturday morning Rangers things

Quite a performance by Vince Young last night.

No Rangers news out there today.  There is this item from Buster Olney earlier, though, that I missed:

The Astros are essentially for sale because of big-money deals that have gone badly; the same could be said for the Rangers.

One of the things that has been rather opaque throughout this process is why Tom Hicks is having to sell the Rangers.  I wrote earlier this month about the Rangers' debt level escalating dramatically at the time Tom Hicks bought the Liverpool soccer club, suggesting that Hicks did what amounted to a home equity loan with Hicks Sports Group to buy into Liverpool, but for the most part, we haven't gotten any clear answers as to why HSG is defaulting on loans, why the Rangers can't make payroll, etc.  It is just that Hicks has no money, which is misleading anyway, since Hicks doesn't own the Rangers, HSG does.

In any case, this is the first time I've seen it suggested that Hicks is being forced to sell the Rangers because the Alex Rodriguez, Chan Ho Park, and Juan Gonzalez deals didn't work out.  Given that the Rangers have spent the last 6 years with a payroll south of $70 million, I have a hard time believing that Olney's comment above is that accurate.  I'm not sure if Olney just is wrong, is oversimplifying, or if he's right and no one else has reported this.