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Galloway: If Dennis Gilbert Buys the Rangers, Nolan Ryan is Resigning

Randy Galloway has a column that was up on the S-T site, and has disappeared, but which you can see here through the Google cache (I assume it will be linked again in the morning).

And what he's saying is pretty major, so I'm linking it now rather than waiting.

Per Galloway, Ryan has decided to resign immediately as Rangers team president if Dennis Gilbert prevails in his efforts to buy the Rangers.  Gilbert, incidentally, according to Galloway, has aligned himself with Tom Hicks, and will have Tom Hicks continue to be part of his ownership group and represent the Rangers at the MLB owners meetings and the like, should Gilbert prevail.

Why?  Because, according to Galloway, the deal is that Ryan and Jon Daniels both would answer to Gilbert, not to Hicks.  Gilbert wants to be in charge of both the business and baseball operations, a combination president and g.m. (think what Jerry Jones does with the Cowboys), and that wasn't the deal Ryan signed on for.

Anyway, read the whole thing.  I know there are mixed feelings about Galloway, but he was the one who broke the story on MLB's killing the Matt Purke signing, and I don't know if you can dismiss all this out of hand.

So yeah...after all the celebrating we've been doing about Hicks being gone, it looks like Hicks may be staying on, and Ryan will be heading out the door, with much of the rest of the front office following soon after, given that Gilbert apparently wants to be "hands-on" and be the baseball guy here.

UPDATE -- Well, the cached column has been replaced with this new column, where Galloway is now saying that as of late tonight, the Hicks/Gilbert partnership has fallen apart, and Gilbert is doing this without Hicks, although he also says Gilbert doesn't have the financing in place, and presumably, if Gilbert wants to be "The Man," Nolan still isn't going to stick around.