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The Most Depressing Quote of the Offseason

From T.R. Sullivan's story tonight on the Rangers needs at the Winter Meetings:

The Rangers need a big hitter in the middle of the order. He could be an outfielder, designated hitter or occasional first baseman paired with Chris Davis. Among the possibilities are Vladimir Guerrero, Jermaine Dye, Troy Glaus, Gary Sheffield, Mike Cameron and Fernando Tatis.

So there you go, Rangers fans.  Time to get fired up.  The team's biggest need is a middle of the order hitter, and we're going to end up with Jermaine Dye or Gary Sheffield hitting cleanup.

Cameron and Glaus are the only players on that list who should even be everyday players anymore, and these are the guys we're looking at to hit cleanup for the Rangers in 2010.

I'm disgusted.  At this point, if this is what we're dealing with, it makes me wonder if the Rangers wouldn't be better off just trading Kevin Millwood and Frankie Francisco, their two players who will be free agents after the season, and conceding that they aren't serious about contending this year.