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Tigers close to trading Edwin Jackson?

The Tigers are supposedly close to trading Edwin Jackson, and supposedly hope to move Curtis Granderson sometime this week, which prompts Aaron Gleeman to say that that "would basically be the definition of a firesale." 

Personally, I disagree.  As I've said before, I don't think Jackson is that good, and his contract situation (he's got two years of arbitration raises then can leave as a free agent) means that a smart team is going to try to move him now, while his value is at its highest, and when there's a good chance a team is likely going to give up more than what he's worth to land him.

Granderson is a different story, but he's coming off a disappointing season, and it may simply be that the Tigers feel he's someone whose value has peaked and who, in a market where centerfielders are in great demand, he's worth more to the team as a trade chip than as a 2010 (and going forward) regular. 

In any case, I'm hoping the Rangers aren't the team about to get Jackson, and while I'd like to believe the Rangers are in on Granderson, the fact that he's guaranteed large money the next few years means that, given the ownership flux, the Rangers are probably not players there.