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Nolan Ryan Speaks

Nolan Ryan has spoken today about the Rangers' ownership situation, his involvement and his future with the team:

"Under the scenario that was presented to me by Tom last week, after thinking about it a couple days, I told Tom that I didn’t feel like I would stay with the ballclub if Dennis came in under that scenario — Dennis overseeing the day-to-day operations," Ryan told a group of Dallas-Fort Worth reporters covering the team at the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown.

Hicks told Ryan that he had reached an agreement with Gilbert that would allow Hicks to maintain control of the club and put Gilbert in charge of all baseball operations. The Hicks-Gilbert arrangement has since fallen apart.

So, basically, Ryan has confirmed the story that Galloway broke last week.  Which is interesting in no small part because there were some voices out there on the interwebs when this came out that said, in essence, it came from Galloway so it must all be made up, and Galloway is just trying to stir up trouble and create a story where none exists.

Instead, it appears that he was pretty much spot on, to the point where one has to wonder if Galloway's source on that story wasn't Ryan himself (or at least very close to Ryan), and if Ryan or his people didn't leak the story in an effort to sabotage the nascent Hicks/Gilbert partnership.

If that was the goal...well, Mission Accomplished.