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Super Bowl Sunday stuff

Fired up about the Super Bowl?

Yeah, me neither.

Meanwhile, Jim Reeves' column today includes Nolan Ryan saying that Josh Hamilton won't be playing centerfield anymore, but will be moving to right field.  Like, it sounds like, this spring.  He says Hamilton is too big to be in center, and needs to move to right to save the wear and tear on his body, with either Marlon Byrd or Nelson Cruz going to center.

Ryan also raves about what David Murphy brings to the starting left field job.  Given that Cruz isn't really a centerfielder, if Hamilton does end up moving and Ryan really wants Murphy playing every day (and you know my feelings about Murphy), that could end up making Cruz the odd man out, particularly if Julio Borbon forces his way into the lineup.

Anthony Andro has a story up about what having a top ranked farm system has meant for various other teams in the last couple of decades.  His conclusion:  it is definitely reason for optimism.

Reeves also had a story yesterday praising Ian Kinsler for his involvement in supporting Michael Young during the position switch brouhaha, that I missed.  Now that the S-T is the only baseball paper in town, it would be nice if they fixed their website to make it easier to figure out what Rangers stories are up in a given day.