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Tuesday a.m. things

So, yeah, if you want Rangers news, forget it.  It is all ARod, all the time out there right now.

Tim Cowlishaw thinks ARod did the right thing in coming clean, and thinks it will help him down the road.

A transcript of ARod's interview with Gammons can be found here.

Jeff Wilson has a story on the situation in the S-T, complete with Tom Hicks' temper tantrum.

The award for the most histrionic reaction to the situation goes to Bill Madden, who says the Yanks should release Rodriguez and eat the $270 million that's owed to him:

As difficult as it is to imagine eating $270 million, the Bombers will be making a statement, not just for the Yankee brand but for baseball as a whole.

 Jason Parks has a prospect Q&A up with Keith Law that you should check out.