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Happy birthday, Don Stanhouse

Happy birthday to Don Stanhouse, who turns 58 today.

Stanhouse was a RHP who was a first round pick of the A's, and was sent to the Rangers with Jim Panther in exchange for Denny McLain prior to the 1972 season.

Stanhouse pitched poorly over three seasons for the Rangers before being shipped off following the 1974 campaign in a deal for Willie Davis.

He hung around for a few more seasons, and actually was an All Star in 1979, despite walking 51 batters and striking out just 34 while pitching 72 2/3 innings out of the bullpen for the Orioles.

In fact, his K/BB ratios throughout his career are a 10 year career, only three times did he strike out more batters than he walked, and he walked 455 batters against 408 Ks as a major leaguer.

I don't know of too many major leaguers in history who have walked almost 50 more batters than they've struck out.