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Friday a.m. stuff

Okay, what do we have...

Ben Sheets had surgery on his elbow, and is targeting a return after the ASB. 

Anthony Andro has some notes from Surprise, including a rave about Justin Smoak's power display yesterday.

Randy Galloway carps about the offseason, and suggests that John Hart has still been running things on the baseball side through Jon Daniels.  He also doesn't seem happy with Nolan Ryan not doing more to shake things up...

Richard Durrett walks through the Rangers' options at catcher...meanwhile, with spring training kicking off, I continue to be baffled as to why there's no Evan Grant on the Rangers blog.  As far as I know, he's still with the DMN, and I have to wonder whether he's opting not to talk about the Rangers, or if the Belo Corporate Overlords have banned him from writing about the Rangers, even on the DMN blog.

The Boston Globe has a story on Clay Buchholz, for those who still think the Rangers can get him when the BoSox panic over their catching situation.