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MLB adjusting comp rules for Juan Cruz

Okay, we talked before about how Juan Cruz's draft pick compensation status has dampened the market for him.

However, Ken Rosenthal says that the MLBPA, MLB, and the D-Backs have apparently made some arrangements to allow a sign-and-trade, in order to facilitate a deal:

Major League Baseball, the players' union, the Diamondbacks and Cruz's agents are in discussions to facilitate a sign-and-trade involving Cruz while adhering to the collective-bargaining agreement.

Free agents cannot be traded before June 15 without their consent, but the union will permit Cruz and other Type A players to waive that right in advance, according to Rob Manfred, baseball's executive vice-president of labor relations.

Such a waiver would enable the Diamondbacks to trade Cruz immediately after signing him. The D-backs would need to strike a deal within a set amount of time, probably 48 hours, major-league sources say. If no trade were completed, Cruz would remain a free agent.