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Tuesday a.m. Ranger things

Anthony Andro has a story up on Scott Feldman having earned the respect of the Rangers with his performance in 2008, when he was thrust into the rotation unexpectedly and ended up being one of the Rangers' most reliable starters.

Richard Durrett says that Feldman deserves to be a starter, and offers his thoughts on why Ron Washington announced the rotation as early as he did.

Brendan Donnelly says the Rangers are good enough to win now...he says that the offense will score runs, and the bullpen just has to hold the other team and help steal a few games.

In the same piece, Marlon Byrd says he's 70% after offseason microfracture surgery, but expects to be at full strength by Opening Day.  Although I think that at this point of camp, everyone expects to be at full strength by Opening Day...that's just not always the reality...

Jim Reeves writes about Frankie Francisco's journey from chair-thrower to Ranger closer.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Hank Blalock and Marlon Byrd are in uncertain situations this spring -- Blalock as a DH, Byrd as possibly the 5th outfielder.