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Jennings-mania has struck Surprise:

So far, so good for Jason Jennings.

   Jennings is something of an ace in the hole for the Rangers this spring. Coming off elbow surgery and signed to a minor league contract, he's not penciled into the starting rotation. But as a veteran with a track record before his elbow problems, he provides the club with a potential fallback position if another of there starters falter this spring or early in the season.

   Jennings understands that he may have to start the year at Oklahoma City, or even Frisco, to build up arm strength after elbow surgeries each of the last two years. That said, he likes the way his arm feels right now.

   "The ball is coming out of my hand the way it did in 2006," Jennings said. "My arm hasn't felt this good for two years."

   Jennings and the Rangers will be conservative, keeping in mind that he may have rushed things last year, but he could be ready to help by May, if not earlier.

I'm being facetious, but at the same time, if Jennings can get back to where he was pre-2007, the Rangers have something.  There's been carping that the Rangers should have signed Jon Garland to a one year deal with the money they instead are spending on Hank Blalock, but Garland isn't really any better than a healthy Jennings.

So I'm fine with rolling with our set five in the rotation to start the season, letting Jennings go to Frisco and make 4-5 starts, and then (assuming he's back to where he should be) letting him come in and take over for whichever pitcher is hurt or whatever in mid-May.