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Indians DFA Andy Marte

Former uber-prospect Andy Marte has been designated for assignment by the Cleveland Indians.

Marte is 25, was an elite third base prospect in the Braves system who was traded to the BoSox for Edgar Renteria, and then was sent by Boston to the Indians as part of the Coco Crisp trade.

You have to wonder if, as a Dominican who was terrific at the lower levels at a young age but seemed to have plateaued, he isn't really 28 or 29.  At ages 18-21, while being young for his levels, he consistently put up 800+ OPS numbers, but simply hasn't hit in the majors (and, really, hasn't hit that well in AAA the past couple of years).

Hmmm...maybe we could snag Marte, move The Face back to shortstop, and let Elvis Andrus spend the season in AAA...