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Saturday Rangers stuff

The Rangers have four former major league closers in camp -- Eddie Guardado, Derrick Turnbow, C.J. Wilson, and Frankie Francisco -- but Francisco looks like he'll end up closing.  If Turnbow and Brendan Donnelly are healthy -- big ifs, of course -- the Ranger bullpen could be a strength in 2009.

Ron Washington is considering Nelson Cruz, Hank Blalock, and Andruw Jones for the cleanup slot.  I'd just as soon see the Rangers roll with Cruz in the cleanup slot, with Blalock hitting 5th.  Jones would probably be an asset in center if he hits like he did in 2007, and if he can be an above-average defender out there -- once again, big ifs -- but he'd be better suited to 9th than cleanup in the batting order if he hits like he did in 2007.

Jim Reeves says Ron Washington is a true "players manager."

Kris Benson showed up in the Ranger clubhouse this morning, according to Jeff Wilson's blog notes, and barring injury, the expected Ranger starting rotation will get all the A game starts in spring training.

T.R. Sullivan says the Rangers offense should once again be strong in 2009.