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Differing opinions on the meaning of today's lineup

Jeff Wilson thinks you shouldn't read anything into Michael Young batting cleanup in today's intrasquad game:

Warning: Don't read too much into the lineup Dave Anderson made for the team he'll manager during the intrasquad game this afternoon. In other words, just because Michael Young is hitting clean-up today does not mean he will do so during the regular season.

"Dave Anderson has him hitting clean-up," manager Ron Washington said. "I don't plan on doing that, but we'll see. I'm not putting anything into where these guys are batting right now."

T.R. Sullivan thinks otherwise, though:

Michael Young was batting fourth on Monday for the first intrasquad scrimmage. Manager Ron Washington smiled and said third base coach Dave Anderson made out the lineup. Maybe, but Michael Young just doesn't show up in the cleanup spot on a coach's whim even for an intrasquad game. The Rangers don't know who will bat cleanup behind Josh Hamilton but Young apparently is an option.

I think there's a very good chance that Michael Young will be the 8th best hitter in the Rangers' everyday lineup, and I cannot believe that the Rangers would really let a guy who has slugged .402 and .418 the past two years hit cleanup.