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Thursday morning Rangers news

Jeff Wilson says yesterday's lineup for the spring opener is likely the one we will see on Opening Day, with Hank Blalock, David Murphy, and Chris Davis -- three lefties -- hitting 5-6-7.  That would mean Marlon Byrd is in the 4th outfielder role, and Andruw Jones either wouldn't make the team or would be on the bench.

Wilson also runs down some updates on Derrick Turnbow, Jason Jennings, Kason Gabbard, and John Bannister, who are all either coming back from injury or slowed right now.

Jeff Wilson has a Q&A up with Tom Hicks.  I wish he'd ask him if Hicks still thinks John Hart is the smartest man in baseball, though...

T.R. Sullivan talks about Hank Blalock starting off spring training strong, and the importance of Blalock filling Milton Bradley's DH role from last year.

Sullivan also says that Mathis, Holland, Eyre and Guardado are slated to pitch today.