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Friday morning Rangers things

The Rangers lost yesterday to the Royals, 7-2.  Clearly, this indicates that the Rangers are terrible and will be the worst team in baseball in 2009.

Jeff Wilson reports that Josh Hamilton and Kevin Millwood did well, and Derek Holland struggled, allowing a pair of solo homers.

Wilson also says that Jason Jennings will be cleared to pitch in spring games once he does a simulated game this weekend, and Marlon Byrd expects to be cleared to participate in all baseball activities today.

Wilson also has a story up on David Murphy, saying of Murphy:

But that’s Murphy — humble, a nonstop worker, and respectful of the game and his teammates. Those attributes have merited him perhaps one of the top compliments a player can receive.

"He plays the game the right way," center fielder Josh Hamilton said.

We now have our own David Eckstein, it appears...

Randy Galloway praises Josh Hamilton for hitting homers the right way, in the aftermath of the Alex Rodriguez steroid story.  I continue to find it odd that Josh Hamilton used drugs and is an inspirational hero, and various other baseball players used drugs and are vilified.  Apparently, it is okay to admit that you used to use drugs, so long as the drugs hamper your ability to play.

T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes, including a comment from Ron Washington saying that Elvis Andrus should be able to hit .240-.250 in the majors this season.