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Let's go sign Adam Eaton

The Phillies have released Adam Eaton, eating the final year of the big three year deal they gave him after the 2006 season.

And for what it is worth, looking at the '06-'07 offseason, that appears to have been the perfect time to be a free agent.  Look at some of the deals...

Rangers free agent GMJ got 5 years, $50 million.  Carlos Lee got 6 years, $100 million.  Vicente Padilla got 3 years, $34 million.

But look at all the other middling guys who got huge deals.  Danys Baez got 3 years, $19 million.  Gil Meche got 5 years, $55 million.  Juan Pierre got 5 years, $45 million.  Jason Schmidt (remember him?) got 3 years, $46 million.  Jason Marquis got 3 years, $21 million.

And that's just a sampling, not a comprehensive list.

The market that offseason -- particularly for pitchers -- was insane.  And the oversized deals handed out then is probably a contributing factor to the market drying up now.

Anyway...let's go pick up Adam Eaton and bring him back to Texas.