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This is getting ridiculous

From Jon Heyman:

The Rangers could emerge as a possibility for outfielder Andruw Jones, who became a free agent after working out a separation agreement with the Dodgers. "If someone wants to resurrect their career, Texas is the perfect place," an American League executive said, referring to the hitters' park in which the Rangers reside.

Jones, who hit .158 with three home runs and 14 RBIs in a disastrous season with the Dodgers after 11 productive seasons with the Braves, also received an inquiry from the Yankees, who have several center field candidates but no set starter. However, the Rangers may make more sense for him. Another plus for Texas is that it has one of baseball's most respected hitting coaches in Rudy Jaramillo.

The Rangers just announced that their star Josh Hamilton will be moving from center field to right field, which could possibly open an opportunity for Jones, who wouldn't require much in terms of pay, as he's already receiving $22 million from the Dodgers, with $17 million of that deferred as per the agreement.

Let's see...

The Rangers already have Nelson Cruz, Marlon Byrd, David Murphy, and Josh Hamilton for three spots.  They also have Brandon Boggs, Julio Borbon, and Greg Golson in the minors.  And Chris Davis may have to move to the outfield to make room for Justin Smoak by season's end.

Oh, and Jon Daniels said today that the Rangers aren't moving Hamilton to right field just yet.

So, earlier in the offseason, we had Heyman linking Scott Boras client Manny Ramirez to the Rangers, a story that appears to have had no basis in reality.

Now, we have Heyman linking Jones with the Rangers, despite it appearing to have no basis in reality.

Three guesses as to who represents Andruw Jones...