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Friday a.m. stuff

T.R. Sullivan is bloggy this morning, and for those still wanting to see a Boston catcher trade, he has this tidbit:

The Red Sox have Jason Varitek but they are still interested in procuring a young catcher for the future. The Rangers wanted Clay Buchholz and were told he wasn't available. But the Rangers still like many pitchers in the Red Sox organization.

Sullivan also says the Rangers worked out Andruw Jones, but there doesn't seem to be a fit there.

Gil LeBreton says that after Tom Hicks had dinner with Casey Close and Ben Sheets, he ordered Jon Daniels to get a deal done, which is why there apparently was something in place before the physical came back bad.

Jason Jennings has reportedly signed a minor league deal with the Rangers.  That isn't surprising, and while I expect there to be a fair amount of bitching about this move, I think he's a nice low-risk pickup and insurance policy, a guy who can go down to Oklahoma and possibly be this year's Sidney Ponson (without the bar scene and confrontation with the manager).

And Richard Durrett has a blog post up with an email from C.J. Wilson about his status...