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Sullivan: Rangers considering Andruw Jones

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers are "considering" signing Andruw Jones to a minor league deal as a reclamation project.

I'm not entirely sure what the Rangers would want to do with him, though.  As I've mentioned before, there's already Murphy, Byrd, Hamilton, and Cruz at the major league level, plus Boggs, Borbon, and Golson in the minors.  If Smoak comes quickly, Chris Davis could move to right field.

And I have to question how happy Jones would be in a 5th outfielder role, even coming off a disappointing 2007 and a disastrous 2008.

If the Rangers were to bring Jones in and were serious about him, I have to assume either Hank Blalock or Marlon Byrd would get dealt, and the Rangers would be wanting Jones to fill that potent bat in the middle of the order role, although there's little reason to believe he can do that.

This seems like Sammy Sosa all over again...and despite the proclamations from some corners about that being a success, I think you folks know how I feel about that particular decision.