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Am I being unrealistic in my expectations?

Friday afternoon, I'm driving home from work, listening to Rich Lord and Matt Jackson on 610 AM down in Houston.  610 is the top sports station in Houston.

A caller calls in with a trivia question that he found interesting, and wants to pose to the hosts.  Who is the only Cubs pitcher to win at least 200 games for the Cubs?

I assume it is Three Finger Brown, although I turn out to be wrong.  They have no idea.

The caller then gives them a hint -- he's the pitcher who gave up Babe Ruth's "Called Shot" in the World Series.

That's a dead giveaway...Charlie Root.  Everyone knows that.

Or so I thought.  Neither Rich nor Matt have any idea who it is, and after the caller identifies Root as the answer, Matt then claims to have never heard of Root.

Is it unrealistic for the drive time sports talk hosts on the leading sports station in the 4th largest city in America to have heard of Charlie Root?

Or am I just a super baseball snob?