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Sunday a.m. things

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers are interested in Andruw Jones, but the team would have a hard time finding a spot for him in the everyday lineup.

Wilson also runs down the 40 man roster and the NRIs, with comments on each player.

Evan Grant says MLB needs to release the names of all those who tested positive in 2003, and the MLBPA needs to have all those who tested positive publicly apologize.  I doubt that will make any difference, and personally, I have a big problem with MLB releasing what were supposed to be anonymous test results.  As another writer (I forget who) pointed out earlier, the MLBPA dropped the ball here several years back...since the point of testing was just to track how many positive tests there were, why did the MLBPA even allow the samples to be identified with anyone?  Why not provide that there would be no way to match the samples to individual players?

Kevin Sherrington talks about how so many former Rangers have been implicated in the steroids scandal.  There are many national stories out there about the ARod-steroids stuff, but the highlight in terms of hysteria is probably Bill Madden's...he said ARod was going to have problems when it came to being elected to the Hall of Fame anyway because of "character and sportsmanship issues," but now, with this revelation, Madden claims there's no way ARod gets elected.

Jim Reeves has an early Valentine's Day card to Nolan Ryan, praising everything Ryan has done to fix the Rangers since coming on board as team President.