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Defensive stats on Andruw Jones

The defensive stats on Andruw Jones for the past three years:



UZR/150:  +12.4

Dewan:  -4

PMR RAA/4000:  +3.1


UZR/150:  +20.5

Dewan:  +22

PMR RAA/4000:  +9.3


UZR/150:  +19.5

Dewan:  +27

PMR RAA/4000:  +1.6


The UZR and PMR figures both represent the number of runs saved above or below average over a set frame of reference...150 games for UZR, 4000 balls in play for PMR.

Not a whole lot of agreement using this data, although there are obvious sample size issues for 2008,  given how little Jones played.

But all three models seem to reflect that Jones was down last year compared to historically. 

Whether or not Jones can hit is obviously a major issue...but the bigger question may be, how good can he be defensively?  Because if he performs in the field like he did in 2007, then even if he hits like he did in 2007, I suspect he'd end up being the Rangers' regular CF'er.