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Clarifying what the Dodgers would pay Andruw if he makes the Rangers

A clarification:

Just found out that the Dodgers get HALF of whatever he makes with the Rangers. So, if he maxes out on his incentives and receive a total salary of $1.5 million from Texas in 2009, the Dodgers will get $750,000 of that, meaning they would owe him about $2.76 million instead of the $3.5 million they owe him now.

This was posted a little bit after this initial post, which took the position that I have -- that the Dodgers get reimbursed whatever Andruw Jones makes from another major league team.

I suspect that this may be part of the deal the Dodgers and Jones negotiated as part of his release.  Remember, Jones wanted to be released, and the Dodgers wanted to cut him loose, and they negotiated a restructuring of his deal to defer a lot of this year's money as part of the Dodgers agreeing to release him.

I imagine part of the deal Boras cut was that 50% kickback to the Dodgers, rather than the usual 100%.