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Tuesday a.m. things

Yeah, not a good outing yesterday for Kevin Millwood, who allowed 10 runs in 3 innings.  Millwood said the problem was his location.  Evan Grant says the important thing is that Millwood is throwing pitches, and is working towards a 100 pitch outing by the end of spring training.

Gil LeBreton thinks that Kris Benson should get a look in the Ranger rotation, and notes that Benson's opt-out date is May 5, which allows the Rangers to send him to the minors for a month and see how things shake out with their original 5.'

Evan Grant says that, while the bat was the big question for Andruw Jones coming into spring training, Jones' defense in centerfield has been problematic thusfar as well, with Ron Washington describing Jones as "sluggish" on a ball that went for a triple yesterday. 

Grant also notes that Hank Blalock is taking some ground balls at third base, with the idea being that on the rare occasions Michael Young needs a day off, Blalock could fill in.  I suspect that if Young were to be out more than a day or maybe two, then German Duran or Travis Metcalf would be brought up to fill in.

Elvis Andrus is learning the ropes this spring, and is getting praise for asking the right questions and spending time with Rudy Jaramillo and Omar Vizquel.

Mike Hindman has a write-up on Greg Golson, the former first rounder whom the Rangers acquired from the Phillies for John Mayberry, Jr. this offseason.