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Friday morning things

The story from yesterday was the terrific performance from Brandon McCarthy, who threw four shutout innings, allowing just one baserunner while striking out three. 

Evan Grant has a lengthy write-up of McCarthy's performance, including quotes from a couple of scouts who raved about him, and in particular, about his new breaking ball.  Grant also said McCarthy's fastball was ranging from 90-92 mph.

Anthony Andro notes that McCarthy throwing first-pitch strikes to 11 of 13 batters he faced was key to him keeping his pitch count down.

Five Rangers prospects from the Dominican Republic have been held up over visa issues relating to the investigation by MLB of age misrepresentations, but Jon Daniels says neither Wilmer Font nor Martin Perez are among the five.

Jeff Wilson writes about the glut of outfielders in camp now, with Andruw Jones, Frank Catalanotto, and Brandon Boggs all vying to be kept as the fifth outfielder, although the Rangers may end up keeping only four outfielders.

Gil LeBreton says that the farm system is loaded, but now the Rangers have to decide who to keep and who to trade.

Mike Hindman has a write-up on Wilmer Font, the giant 18 year old RHP who throws in the upper-90s but missed most of last year with a variety of issues.