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Happy birthday, Jose Mota

Happy birthday to Jose Mota, who turns 44 today.

Jose Mota is the son of long-time major leaguer Manny Mota, and was a 2nd round draft choice of the ChiSox back in 1985.  Six months after being drafted, he was shipped to Texas by White Sox g.m. Hawk Harrelson, along with Scott Fletcher and Eddie Correa, in exchange for Dave Schmidt and Wayne Tolleson.

That trade was a win for Texas, and would have been an even bigger win if Correa hadn't had his arm trashed by throwing 202 innings as a 20 year old in 1986. 

Mota ended up getting dealt to the Padres for Larry See, and ended up hanging around in the minors for a long time, only appearing in 19 games in the majors -- 17 with the Pads in 1991, and 2 with the Royals in 1995.