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Tuesday a.m. things

Quiet day today.

Anthony Andro runs down a summary of where things stand this spring, with the most positive thing being the health of the starting rotation thusfar.

Richard Durrett has a good Q&A up with John Dewan on the Ranger defense, which includes a detailed analysis of the infield switch.  According to Dewan, the Rangers were -34 runs on the left side of the infield last year, defensively, and he thinks Elvis Andrus can be +5 to +10 right off the bat at shortstop, with Young being around average at third base.  If that's the case, then obviously, you are looking at a 40 run or so improvement in run prevention from last year just as a result of that switch.

Also a lot of other stuff there on the Ranger defense, so be sure to check that out...

Evan Grant talks to BA's John Manuel about the Andrus contract situation and whether the Rangers should start him in the minors for a few weeks to extend the time he's under team control.