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Wednesday night linkaliciousness

A collection of stuff to check out...

Think Davey Johnson blew it for putting Derek Jeter at shortstop last night, rather than Jimmy Rollins?  You aren't alone...Ken Rosenthal says the same thing, in no uncertain terms, although he also acknowldges the mitigating factors involved.  And Ken Davidoff also weighs in on the problem of balancing Jeter's bad defense with the political aspects of not playing him at short.  And Rob Neyer notes that, as a practical matter, it is unlikely the difference defensively between the two will actually cost the USA at the end of the day.

John Manuel has a chat session up, and in response to a LaPorta v. Davis question, picks Davis, with some praise for Davis's ability to make adjustments as he's advanced.

Richard Durrett says that, while he originally thought Brendan Donnelly and Derrick Turnbow would both make the team out of spring training, now he thinks just one of them does, with Warner Madrigal sticking as the other righty set up man.  Dustin Nippert and Josh Rupe are presumably fairly safe as the long men.

Maury Brown has a good piece on his blog about the impact of making the postseason on a team's revenue.  Even if it depressing to see where the Rangers are on there.

Last night, John Perrotto reported that the Astros were on the verge of signing Pedro Martinez.  Tonight, he apologizes for getting the story wrong.

As has been noted previously, LSB fave Wes Littleton was claimed on waivers this week by the Brewers.  Boston would have owed the Rangers a second player from the deal that sent Littleton to Boston this offseason had he made the team.  However, since he didn't, the Rangers get 20K.