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Monday morning Rangers stuff

Anthony Andro and Jeff Wilson have a plethora of injury updates this morning, including news on Willie Eyre and Brendon Donnelly, who are both on the shelf with unknown dates as to when they'll be ready to go in a game.  That makes it more likely Donnelly would start the season in the minors and Eyre on the d.l., making it more likely Dustin Nippert (who is out of options) can stick on the Opening Day roster.

Thomas Diamond is trying to earn a roster spot this spring, although it seems more likely he'll start the season in AAA.  He's apparently in the mix for a bullpen spot, though.

Randy Galloway has a column that...well, I'm not sure what it is about, other than he thinks the pitching isn't good, and that Ron Washington isn't likely to be here long-term.

Richard Durrett wants to know if Scott Feldman should be the fifth starter, or if there should be an open competition amongst Feldman, Jason Jennings, Kris Benson, and Nippert for the fifth starter job. 

Personally, I think the Rangers should have a handle on what they can expect from Feldman this year, and it is extraordinarily counter-productive to go through all last season with Feldman in the rotation, and then dump him this year for a Benson or a Jennings. 

And I'm also not all that keen on having competitions in spring training for jobs, because that's how you end up with Marlon Byrd being released so that Jerry Hairston Jr. can be a semi-regular centerfielder and Matt Kata can make the team.