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Happy birthday, Pete Broberg

Happy birthday to Pete Broberg, who turns 59 today.

Broberg was the first overall pick out of Dartmouth of the Washington Senators in the secondary phase of the June draft in 1971, and ended up making his debut with the Senators that year.  He pitched for three years with the Rangers, not very well, before getting dealt to the Brewers for Clyde Wright.

He shuffled around for a few more teams, including getting picked by the M's in the expansion draft and then traded for Rodney Scott (who was also a Ranger for about a week one offseason). 

He finished up his career with a 41-71 record and a 79 ERA+ in 963 career innings.

Broberg is one of those guys who you probably only remember if, like me, you used to pore over the Baseball Encyclopedias as a kid, looking at the strange names of guys who were on the terrible 1972-73 Rangers squads.