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Friday a.m. things

Today is the opt-out date for Andruw Jones, and with the Rangers not planning on adding him to the 40 man roster, Anthony Andro says Jones has a decision to make.  Jones said yesterday he's going to talk to Scott Boras today and figure out what he wants to do.

Evan Grant writes that Omar Vizquel impressed in yesterday's game, with Ron Washington saying that Vizquel's arm is still significantly stronger than Joaquin Arias's.  With Arias still having issues making throws, and with Jones not making the team, I think the position players for the Opening Day roster are pretty much set.

Grant also reports that Dustin Nippert is hurting right now, with stiffness in a shoulder blade muscle, and also suggests that the Rangers might put Nippert on the d.l. to start the season in order to buy some time to decide what to do with him, given his option situation.  Grant says that Willie Eyre is close to nailing down a bullpen job, which would leave two spots open for Nippert, Josh Rupe, Derrick Turnbow, and Brendan Donnelly to fight over.