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Friday night linkaliciousness

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I'm tired tonight, so linkaliciousness has little commentary...

Anthony Andro has some comments from Andruw Jones about the roster situation.  Rob Neyer doesn't see how Jones could have stuck anyway.

John Lackey is peeved that the Angels aren't trying harder to ink him to a contract extension before he can walk after the season...

Michael Young might miss a couple of days with a tight quad.

Our old friend Gerry Fraley is still hanging around.  He likes Hanley Ramirez, but not Jose Reyes.

Brett Anderson left the A's game today earlier because of a "stiff forearm," but says it is nothing serious.  I can only imagine the meltdown that would occur here if this were to happen to Derek Holland...

Dave Cameron has Oakland 11th -- one slot ahead of Texas -- in his organizational rankings.

Joe Mauer is out for Opening Day.