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Saturday a.m. stuff

The Andruw Jones situation is still the story today, as the Rangers gave Jones an extra couple of days to decide whether or not to opt out.

Jeff Wilson writes that Jon Daniels has told Jones the best case scenario for Jones would be making the team as a backup, with a source telling Wilson that Jones is unlikely to accept an assignment to Oklahoma.  Personally, I'd just as soon not have Jones at Oklahoma anyway, given that you're already going to have three guys down there -- Julio Borbon, Brandon Boggs, and Greg Golson -- who profile as centerfielders defensively and should be getting time in center.  Wilson says that Jones and those three would rotate between the outfield and DH if Jones went to AAA, although that doesn't seem very productive.

My guess is that Daniels is spending the weekend working the phones to see if anyone will give up a prospect for Cat, or overpay for Nelson Cruz or Marlon Byrd.  If so, then a move could come down and Jones could end up sticking as the 4th outfielder.  Otherwise, Jones probably opts out and looks for a team that will give him a major league job.

T.R. Sullivan says that Nelson Cruz beat out Jones for a starting job, although that makes me wonder why the fight would have been between Jones and Cruz...if Jones had shown enough to be a starting OF'er, it seems like David Murphy should have been the one to go to the bench, rather than Cruz.

Sullivan also looks at Matt Harrison and the history of lefty starters in Texas.

On the injury front, Michael Young is expected to be out until Tuesday with a tight quad, C.J. Wilson is supposed to pitch today, and Luis Mendoza is supposed to pitch tomorrow.