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Monday a.m. stuff

So, really, there are two stories in Rangers camp right now...the unsettled bullpen situation, and Andruw Jones.

Jeff Wilson writes about the Jones situation, with the official line being that Jones wants to keep working on his swing with Rudy Jaramillo and keep competing for a bench job. 

Gil LeBreton offers his thoughts on why Jones is still here:

That’s my educated guess — that the club’s sudden change of heart on Andruw is a concession to Jaramillo and to manager Ron Washington, who think that Jones will come around.

The Rangers’ outfield was overcrowded to begin with, and it didn’t help Jones that his biggest competition was off playing in the World Baseball Classic. Nelson Cruz started for the Dominican Republic team and, when he returned to Surprise, Ariz., he quickly reclaimed his starting right-field job.

I think LeBreton is probably right, in terms of who it is that wants Jones here.  And I think that Jaramillo's and Washington's desire to see Jones stay speaks volumes about how optimistic they are about Cruz and Chris Davis this season.

Wilson also has some notes up on a variety of topics, including Jimmy Gobble's debut in camp and Omar Vizquel working with some of the younger players on infield defense.

Evan Grant asks readers to provide their guess as to who is in the Opening Day bullpen.  At this point, I'm going with Frankie, C.J., Guardado, Madrigal, Eyre, Turnbow, and Rupe.