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Thursday a.m. stuff

Yeah, I still can't get fired up about a spring training win, but a win is still better than a loss.  And a win off of a Chris Davis grand slam is especially nice.

For those who didn't watch the game last night, that Davis shot was truly a thing of of those line drives that seems like it is in the stands before the right fielder could even turn around.

Evan Grant says Eddie Guardado helped himself yesterday, although it seems like his roster spot is pretty much guaranteed, while Brendon Donnelly hurt himself by struggling once again.  Donnelly can opt out of his minor league deal tomorrow, and the Rangers apparently aren't planning on adding him to the 40 man before then.

Jeff Wilson has a story up on the Josh Hamilton contract negotiations, which includes this quote from Tom Hicks:

"There’s no reason for us to take the risk of buying out arbitration without getting the benefit of buying out at least one year of free agency," Hicks said. "Obviously, we think he’s a great player. We want him to be a Ranger for a long time. We’ll let the process work its course. If not, we’ll enjoy him for four more years, anyway."

I had a dream last night that the Rangers signed him to a 4 year, $30 million deal that locked him up through 2013, and I remember in the dream being confused that they didn't buy out any free agent years.

Evan Grant had a live blog of the game last night in which he also answered a variety of questions that were submitted in the comments.

Anthony Andro has some notes up, including the news that Max Ramirez has been sent down, and Ron Washington saying that Kris Benson could end up making the rotation out of spring training.

Mike Hindman has some notes up regarding some spring stats at the Inside Corner.

Richard Durrett has a Q&A with Tom Hicks up at the DMN site.

Jeff Wilson a story up about Hicks looking to bring in minority investors with the Rangers and Stars, including Nolan Ryan.