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Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson

I think most Rangers fans are familiar with Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson.  They are Oakland's version of Feliz and Holland, the two young stud pitching prospects that are the jewels of the farm system.  They are both 21, and neither has much time above A-ball.

Both pitchers are apparently going to make the A's rotation out of spring training.

Which got me thinking...Rangers management has been pilloried for being so stupid as to let Elvis Andrus start the season in the majors, at such a young age, with only a season above A-ball.  He should at least, it has been argued, stay in the minors for another month so to forestall his eligibility for free agency for another year.

That, it is argued, is what a smart g.m., running a small market team, would do.

And yet, a smaller market team with a g.m. who is considered to be one of the best, if not the best, in the game is apparently going to do the same thing with Anderson and Cahill that the Rangers are doing with Andrus.