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Sunday stuff

We are heading into the last week of camp, the season is right around the corner...I'm starting to get fired up...

One of the parts of the roster that seemed set a month ago -- the rotation -- is reportedly still in flux, with the team trying to decide what to do about Scott Feldman and Kris Benson.  Meanwhile, some roster moves are supposed to be coming down today, after a late night meeting last night to decide who to send out from camp.

Evan Grant runs down the remaining candidates for the bullpen, and says that no decisions have been made as of yet, other than Jon Daniels saying they are going to head to Texas with their best 12 pitchers on the Opening Day roster.  Grant also suggests that even if Feldman didn't move to the pen now, he might have to move this summer to make room for Derek Holland, who is thought to be just 2-3 months away from being major league ready...although personally, I think that's a bridge you cross when you come to it, rather than moving Feldman now to make room for a guy who hasn't pitched in the majors for a few years in the rotation that you are planning on bumping anyway.

T.R. Sullivan says Kris Benson will start on Monday

Richard Durrett talks about the relief situation, and would like to see Derrick Turnbow make the roster.

Jeff Wilson has a Q&A up with Jon Daniels, who says he likes the atmosphere and attitude in the camp right now.

Kevin Sherrington lists Nelson Cruz and Brandon McCarthy as key holdovers this year.

And Jim Reeves has a follow up to last week's column on the Rangers payroll dropping $20 million, basically saying, it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if that happened, because it would mean the young players that are coming up are seizing roles with the team.