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Monday morning things

Jeff Wilson has some items up today, noting that there were no cuts yesterday, although it was expected we'd see some, and that today's game highlights some of the battles going on, with Andruw Jones, Frank Catalanotto, and Kris Benson all slated to start, and Derrick Turnbow and Josh Rupe pitching out of the pen.

Jim Reeves says the Rangers need Benson in the rotation, because, he says, Benson is a veteran and knows how to pitch.

Wilson, meanwhile, says Jason Jennings may be in the mix for a bullpen job.

Evan Grant has a plethora of notes up, including his projected opening day roster.  Grant has 5 NRIs making the team.  One of them is Jones, who would take Cat's roster spot.  Eric Hurley and Joaquin Benoit going to the 60 day d.l. would clear out two spots, and Joe Koshansky -- who Jeff Wilson says in his piece likely won't be on the 40 man roster long -- will probably be waived to make room for another guy.

That leaves one spot that would have to be opened up, either by putting Dustin Nippert or Tommy Hunter on the 60 day d.l., or by putting one more 40 man member on waivers.

Kevin Sherrington has a column on Brandon McCarthy, and the promising signs he's shown this spring.