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Grouchy former Rangers leaving camps

Let's see...

Former Ranger outfielder Brad Wilkerson left the BoSox camp yesterday, after finding out he wouldn't make the team, in order "to ponder his next move."

Former Ranger outfielder Gary Matthews, Jr., left camp yesterday after a closed-door meeting with his manager and g.m. which presumably included the news that he wouldn't be a starter.

And former Ranger minor league infielder David Newhan was released yesterday, and took some parting shots as he headed out the door:

Asked if he was surprised by the release, Newhan said, "Not really."

"The only way Coop's really communicated is through you guys [reporters]. I'm not blind. It's just unfortunate ... they talked about having a shortstop the whole time. I wish I had gotten a chance to at least screw that up. I never really got that opportunity."

Newhan originally thought he would get a look at shortstop, until he read an article on that quoted Cooper saying Newhan was seventh in the pecking order of potential shortstops. Cooper also indicated in that article that Newhan likely would not see playing time at short this spring.

"That's kind of the way they communicated that," Newhan said. They made it clear I was not a fit here, and the guys they have in Triple-A are going to have to play."

In the words of Marcellus Wallace,  this profession is filled to the brim with unrealistic (expletive deleted).