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Evan Grant thinks the pitching staff is set

Evan Grant has a new post up, in which he has some quotes from Ron Washington about Kris Benson, and in which he suggests that the rotation is pretty well set, with Benson in the rotation and Scott Feldman, Warner Madrigal, Jason Jennings, and Josh Rupe getting the 4 bullpen spots up in the air.

Assuming Vizquel and Andrus make the Opening Day roster as well and Andruw Jones, that would mean six players would have to be added to the 40 man roster.

Jones would replace Cat, Joe Koshansky will get put on waivers (if he hasn't been already), and Eric Hurley and Joaquin Benoit will go to the 60 day d.l.  That would leave two spots needing to be created.  Depending on their health, Dustin Nippert, Tommy Hunter, or Willie Eyre (all of whom, Grant suggests, will start the season on the d.l.) could go to the 60 day d.l. to create room.

Otherwise, one or two guys from the Travis Metcalf/Luis Mendoza/Kason Gabbard triumvirate will presumably get dropped.