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Tuesday a.m. stuff

Jeff Wilson writes that yesterday's outing may have sealed Kris Benson's spot in the Opening Day rotation.  Ron Washington wants him in the rotation, and although the final call isn't necessarily his, it looks like Benson will be there and Scott Feldman will go to the bullpen.

Washington says that Warner Madrigal has won a job in the Rangers bullpen, as well.

Wilson also says that the decision still isn't made on who the final bench player will be, with both Frank Catalanotto and Andruw Jones feeling that they are going to be on the Opening Day roster.

T.R. Sullivan says that Omar Vizquel has at peace with being a utility player, after being a starter for so many years.  Jim Reeves says Omar Vizquel has been vocal in working with his teammates on improving the defense.

Evan Grant Mike Hindman runs down the moves the Rangers will have to make to get the 25 man roster in place, and looks at who could lose their spot on the 40 man.