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Friday a.m. stuff

Solid outings yesterday by, among others, Scott Feldman and Jason Jennings.  Jennings was apparently sitting at 88-89 mph yesterday, about 5-6 mph above where he was last year, although Jennings says he hopes to get to the low 90s before spring is over.

C.J. Wilson, meanwhile, came out of the game after hurting himself trying to barehand a ball, but he describes it as just a flesh wound.

Tommy Hunter starts the A game and Brandon McCarthy starts the B game today, with McCarthy saying yesterday that he felt fine.  And Andruw Jones has this to say about his struggles so far:

"It’s tough to get in a good rhythm when you’re learning something new and you don’t get a chance to go out there and perform," said Jones, who has 10 strikeouts in his first 14 at-bats. "It’s going to take a minute to get the system down and get in a groove. When you get it down, that’s when you get locked in."

Anthony Andro has a story on Eddie Guardado, and Gil LeBreton has a column on Marlon Byrd.