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Saturday a.m. things

Well, after I ragged on him Thursday night, Andruw Jones woke up yesterday and hit well, going 2 for 4 in the A game.  Clearly, he's just trying to make me look bad.

Neftali Feliz struggled yesterday, but Ron Washington says that's a product of Feliz getting overly excited.

T.R. Sullivan has a story on Brandon McCarthy's outing yesterday, with McCarthy saying that all is well on the health front, despite the scare earlier this week about his shoulder.

Anthony Andro has a story on the importance of the Rangers improving their defense this season, with the theme being that more stability in terms of who is out there everyday should be a big help.

Evan Grant runs through some key things to watch today, with the focus being on Vicente Padilla.

Gil LeBreton has a column on the Rangers opting to give a bunch of ABs to Jones this spring, in order to evaluate if he has anything left.

And Mike Hindman offers some thoughts on Johnny Whittleman and Neftali Feliz.