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E. Santana starting the season on the d.l.

The L.A. Times has an article up, saying that Ervin Santana will be starting the season on the d.l., but which is kind of murky on details other than that.

Mike Scioscia is quoted as saying Santana shouldn't miss a significant part of the season, and Santana himself is quoted as saying that "Everything is fine" in regards to his arm, but he's had an MRI on his elbow after suffering tightness in it in his last start.

The Angels are already dealing with the absence of Kelvim Escobar for at least the first part of the season, and with Santana down, it means that the Angels will go into the season with a rotation of John Lackey, Jered Weaver, Joe Saunders, and two guys from the group of Dustin Moseley, Nick Adenhart, and Shane Loux.

If Santana is just down for the first two weeks of the season and then bounces back strong, it will be a non-issue.  But if Santana misses significant time, along with Escobar, then the Angels -- who already are a bit spotty in the lineup -- could have some problems this year.