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Evan Grant's roster prediction

Evan Grant's notes post from yesterday afternoon, that I linked this morning, also goes into his predicted 25 man roster...

I agree with almost all his predictions.  He has Cat making the team, and I think either Cat or Andruw Jones will stick, most likely Cat at this point.  Whoever that 25th man isn't likely to play much, and really, I think the Rangers would be best served with a Jason Ellison type who can give you plus defense in center field and pinch run from time to time.

And I still think that if Jones makes the team, one of the other outfielders (other than Cat) gets dealt...I just don't see that there are enough ABs at the three outfield slots, plus DH, to get Jones, Hamilton, Cruz, Murphy, Byrd, and Blalock plate appearances. 

The one spot I disagree with Grant on is in the bullpen, where he has Warner Madrigal sticking, along with Josh Rupe, Dustin Nippert, and Brendan Donnelly in the four spots up in the air.  I still think Madrigal starts the season in AAA, with two of the Donnelly/Willie Eyre/Derrick Turnbow group starting the season in the major league pen.

Grant's 25 man roster would require 4 NRIs to get added to the 40 man roster.  The roster is at 39 right now, and Eric Hurley and Joaquin Benoit are both headed to the 60 day d.l., but you'd still have to clear one more spot to make room for someone.

If Eyre doesn't make the team, and if he's out of options (something that there seems to be some confusion about), then he loses his 40 man spot.  If the Rangers choose to option Eyre (and he has options left), then Travis Metcalf seems to be a candidate to be run through waivers.

UPDATE -- I've been informed Eyre has two options remaining, which makes it a lot less likely he'll be dropped from the 40 man to make room for someone else, and somewhat reduces the chances he'll make the 25 man roster to start the season (since he can be optioned to the minors without the Rangers risking losing him).